The Big Reveals

So like all Marvel movies made in the last, hell, 15 years? 20 years? We have a couple of teaser scenes in and after the credits…

The first “mid-credits” scene puts us back on the Eternals ship, when they’re boarded by… Eros (Harry Styles) and his buddy Pip (Patton Oswalt)… Oh, yeah, Eros is THANOS’ brother and yeah, he’s an Eternal, too. So add another two characters into this instant pantheon I guess. The scene is kind of humourous, and I’m hoping Styles’ role is just a quick transient bc I mean come on WTF.

The after-credit scene, though, whooooo. We find Dane Whitman (Kit Herrington) looking at an ancient sword, the surface of which reacts to the presence of his finger when its close. The latin inscription on the case reads “Death is my reward” and a voice says, “Are you sure you want to do that, Mr. Whitman?”

Now at first I thought it was Nick Fury, maybe doing a little business on the side or something. It wasn’t until later that I discovered that, noooooo, its not Fury at all…

It’s fuckin BLADE. The daywalker himself. WTF. OK, so we are already working Blade into the mix, gonna be real interesting to see what happens next.

The Future

I know there has been ooodles of speculation about what Eternals means for the MCU. Gotta say, it looks to me like we’re gonna be fighting two fronts pretty soon, if not three. It’s clear that these guys are probably gonna join with Thor and the Guardians (waves hands) out there in space somewhere. Dealing with the celestials and probably GALACTUS at some point, which you know means the F4 is coming…

… But what of “he who remains” and Loki? Or Sam/Bucky and the lesser problems of people on Earth? Guess we’ll have to wait for Hawkeye to get a glimpse into the Earth-bound side of things.

And to be quite honest I don’t know what to expect from Hawkeye. To be really honest I’m not sure I like what I see. I hope I’m wrong.

Oh, and the whole “Earthquake off Madagascar” or whatever thing, do you suppose they were talking about the big emergence? Or maybe just a hint of it and they brushed it off? I know, picking nits, but I’m just sayin.

Lots of backstory and character dev
plot twists galore
too many new characters
slow to get started