Scifi Trailer Tuestday (9/21/21)
Scifi Trailer Tuestday (9/21/21)

Trailer Tuesday (9/21/21)

Hey, two posts in two weeks in a row, now we’re talking. In this edition of Trailer Tuesday, we have:

  • Needle in a Timestack
  • Foundation: First Look (THIS FRIDAY BOOOOYAH)
  • Locke and Key: Season 2
  • Another Life: Season 2 (Season 1 review here, I’m actually hoping they carry the momentum forward)
  • FINCH (Did anyone see this coming? I didn’t see this coming.)

So whatcha think of these. Can’t wait for Foundation, Star Wars: Visions hits tomorrow, and then its new sci-fi every weekend of October (I think) and into November.

If you’ve got an upcoming scifi show/film that you ‘d like to get on here, just let me know. If I missed any from the previous week (or so) please let me know so I can get them in the next one.

Thanks for reading and watching!