Hey, this is ScifiReview.com. But you knew that already.

My name is Chris, and I’m a scifi junkie. I’ve been watching and reading scifi since I was a kid, glued to reruns of the original Star Trek and Six Million Dollar man on our tiny TV set. Then Star Wars happened and that was it, I was hooked for life.

Here and on the Scifi Review YouTube Channel I’ll be reviewing all the new (and old) scifi stuff I watch and read. Although don’t expect too much in the way of book reviews, bc honestly who has time to sit down and read entire books anymore?

I’m not limiting the scope of this site/channel to “space scifi” only. I’ll be reviewing everything from “hard” scifi to the stuff you’d refer to as “horror,” “fantasy,” and everything in between. Basically if you and I can geek out about it, then it probably has a place here.