Ran across this while cruising the Tubes of You today… Gotta say this looks like it could be the killer documentary on 1980s science fiction. A decade of scifi that without it, I wouldn’t be here writing this post… I guess its been in the pipeline for quite some time, and I’m only just now hearing about this?! Inconceivable.


When I finish this I’m gonna go chip in what I can, such as it is.

From the website (80sscifidoc.com)….

In Search of Tomorrow will take viewers on a year-by-year deep dive into the many awe-inspiring worlds of ‘80s Sci-Fi movies, breaking down the most iconic and eccentric films you know and love (and many you may have forgotten or missed), and examining the science, technology, and artistry behind the fiction.

The completed feature will be more than four hours long and feature insights and anecdotes from an extensive collection of experts and iconic talent, including filmmakers, actors, special-effects and visual effects masters, tech advisors, authors, influencers, and visionaries. Not only will they tell their own stories, but they will share opinions about their own favorite Sci-Fi movies.

Through our interviews with ‘80s Sci-Fi masters and subject-matter experts we will explore a wide range of issues, including:

  • Heroes and Heroines: Hear from the actors, writers, directors, and producers who brought Sci-Fi icons such as Rick Deckard, Ellen Ripley, and the Terminator to your movie screen.
  • SFX Breakdowns: Learn how your favorite robot, creature, and spaceship effects were created. We’ll be interviewing the artists who designed and operated the models, puppets, and animatronics that brought some of your favorite creatures and characters to life.
  • Production Design & Worldbuilding: Learn about the creation of the costumes, weapons, and post-apocalyptic landscapes that set the scene for our favorite stories.
  • Socio/Political Context: How ‘80s Sci-Fi reflected the socio-political context in which it was made: Tech advances, Reaganomics, Live AID, big business, and the AIDS crisis.
  • Genre Mixing: Exploring how other genres – fantasy, action, horror, and comedy – are very much intertwined with the Sci-Fi genre. Where does one begin and the other end?
  • Legacy: Discuss the importance of ‘80s Sci-Fi genre in a modern-day context. Why is ‘80s Sci-Fi still so relevant today?

Also ashamed that this trailer brings up some movies that if I’ve ever seen them at all, it would have been once and I don’t remember. Guess I have some homework to do.

Looks like its slated for December if I read things correctly. Go check it out here:


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