at least according to Paramount+ is here. Check this out.

How do you watch that and not be excited for the future of Star Trek on P+? Unless you’re one of these toxic Ha’DIbaH who are all crying about how “woke” Star Trek is and how much Discovery sucks and how much it makes their fragile inner child cry…. Just go jump out the airlock right now.

I’m gonna make a video on this real soon, maybe today, because I watch this, and I’m like…

… I don’t know about you, but I’m excited. Well, apart from the insult that is The Lower Decks, but I get it, some people like it. I say if it offers a door for someone to get interested in Star Trek, then they see what’s there and become one of the faithful, then I guess that’s cool. Maybe they “move on” from TLD and binge watch all of TNG, DS9 and start to “get it.”

But I’m sure this video that was posted yesterday will see four thousand “zomg the woke trek sjw losers blah blah” “reaction” videos on the Y**Tubes… I can hardly wait.

Stay tuned for more info as I get it on Strange New Worlds, Picard Season 2, whatever the future of Star Trek holds for Discovery (pun intended) and any new Trek stuff P+ throws at us.

Deal with it, edgelords. Trek isn’t going anywhere, its evolving, changing, and moving forward, with or without you. Just as it should.

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