This is Scifi Review!

So… yeah. This thing is live again. It’s for real this time, though.

Back in 2014 I forgot about a domain backorder I’d put in a few years prior, and it was like.. “ah crap, now what?!”

I started the site up once or twice, but never stuck with it. With the new crop of scifi movies and television series that are getting ready to release in 2021, movies getting released straight to streaming, and the fact that, you know, I’m going to be watching ALL of this stuff anyway…

…why not try and turn it into sometime productive? So here we are.

The idea is to start with roughly 3 posts a week, maybe more, maybe less, but a steady stream of posts and videos (be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel!) are coming. If you see me go dark, be sure to send me an e-mail and find out why.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope this time, the site and YouTube channel will be around for a long long time.